Vision Statement

We are driven and motivated to offer our clients the very best and so we work hard to become a supplier and wholesaler that they can trust. We build relationships that are based around our high standards as we as our ability to offer products for the industrial, commercial and household ASEAN markets.

Key strategies in achieving our vision:

Develop on our internal strengths

  • Principles that form the foundation of our success and hard work
  • Principles that enable us to deliver a service that comes with trust and professionalism
  • Directors, management, staff and services that encompass everything we believe in
  • A workforce that is committed, Loyal and dedicated in delivering our service
  • Business relationships that stretch around the world as well as ASEAN.

Product Quality Assurance

  • The sugar products that we supply meet the stringent international quality standards that are applied to our industry
  • Each product is certified by HACCP Certification, Food Safety System Certification 22000, Halal Certification, ISO 22000:2005, Kosher Certification and ISO 9001:2008.

Controlling our position in ASEAN

  • Continue to remain the best supplier and wholesaler of sugar in the region
  • Implementing sound business practice to improve our efficiency and service
  • Work to build better relationships with leading influential regional groups
  • To develop and build new relationships