Value Chain Supply

Having a strong presence in the market and positioning on important strategic points gives us a strategic edge when it comes to value chain supply. Having expert risk managers working with us ensures that all our customers get consistent supplies and reasonable pricing. Having strong core values and logistics support helps us in meeting changing demands of the market. Also, because of those strengths we are able to handle any kind of order(s).

Strong supply chain means sound communication between various processes and functions involved. In-order to achieve that all the people involved in various processes like organization, production, processing, storage, transport, merchandising, customization and distribution have to work in tandem.


    We are committed to fulfilling responsibility for the early identification and mitigation of risks to the company’s viability as a going concern. We are supported in this task by a risk management team. The aim of risk management at SYARIKAT KAMAJU SDN.BHD is to anticipate opportunities and risks and take suitable measures to minimize deviation from targets. We also look to overcome any risks via means of product and resource diversification. This makes us less naïve towards any natural phenomenon.


    We have a reputation for being one of the most reliable sources of market intelligence thanks to our strong fundamental research on trade flows and our futures market analysis. Our insights have helped us deepen the customer relationships we have in key consumption markets and increase our volumes significantly. This gives us a competitive edge in the market and gives us a head start. Market intelligence has always played a crucial role in our success and helped us go from strength to strength.


    We always believe in providing cost effective global transport solutions for our products. There’s a strong network of various fleets that we use in order to keep up with our delivery promises without exceeding the budgets.


    Our strategic emphasis is on identifying optimal opportunities to invest and realize value from underperforming or undervalued assets worldwide. SYARIKAT KAMAJU SDN.BHD believes in the principle of constant business development, diversification and geographic expansion. As such, our business activities have expanded from the local market to cover extensive regional and global markets. The success of our strategy is well proven by our numerous projects domestically and abroad.
    We strive for long-term investments and seek businesses with strong management teams that are capable of delivering sustained growth and continuously strong returns. We continue to support management teams while seeking to be active investors. These active investment positions are large enough to give us a voice in the strategic management of our portfolio companies.