Business Conduct Code

  • Our Business Code is an integral part of employment with SYARIKAT KAMAJU SDN BHD and is a useful reference guide that sets out the behaviors expected of us in our daily business conduct.
  • Our Business conduct code helps us to make sound, ethical decisions and direct us where to go when we need to seek guidance or report concerns.
  • Our business code helps us to uphold the company’s values and standards of ethical and legal business conduct which in turn will help us to achieve our vision. Our stakeholders rely on us to act with integrity and honesty, and in accordance with the principles of ethical business at all times.
  • By following our Code, we help maintain trust with our fellow employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders, communities and governments. We must all abide by both the letter and the spirit of our Code. The Code applies to all employees, officers, directors and contractors.
  • In addition, the company expects that our suppliers, agents and business partners will follow similar principles when working for us. No person has the authority to waive any provision of our Code without prior approval from us.

Deliver What is Expected

    SYARIKAT KAMAJU SDN BHD and people working with us have several shared responsibilities under our Code. Everyone must understand and strive to uphold our Code and related Company policies in all of our business activities. In addition, we must familiarize ourselves with and follow the laws and regulations that apply to our work. We may never try to go around our Code, Company policy or the law for any reason, even to promote company’s interests. Managers and supervisors are expected to lead by example as a model of our Values. You must also do your part to promote a positive work environment.
    This means that everyone should ensure that all employees and contractors who report to you feel comfortable raising questions and concerns. If you receive a question or concern, make sure to handle it properly and transparently. At SYARIKAT KAMAJU SDN BHD, it is never acceptable to retaliate against an employee for raising a question or concern. We never tolerate such conduct or ignore that it is occurring.

Complying with Applicable Laws

Our product is well accepted internationally. We must all be aware that laws may vary greatly from one country to the next. We need to know and follow the laws and regulations that apply to us at all times, regardless of where we are located. If you ever find that local laws conflict with the Code, you should seek guidance from the Legal Department.

Complying with Company Policies

    We must all be aware of and follow the policies of our Company. You can find these policies on our website or with the Policy Manager. Everyone should be familiar with all of those that apply to you. If you ever find that local laws conflict with our policies, you should seek guidance from the Legal Department.

Seeking Guidance and Raising Concerns

    By sharing our questions and concerns, we uphold the company’s Values and our Company’s commitment to integrity, honesty and ethical business. In addition, we contribute to our shared ethical culture and allow any actual problems to be dealt with before they become major issues for our Company. By speaking up, we can constantly improve the way in which we conduct our business. If you wish to raise a question or concern, you are encouraged to: .
  • Speak with a supervisor or manager.
  • Consult the Legal and/or Compliance Departments.
  • Discuss the issue with appropriate environmental, safety, finance and human resources representatives.
  • File a report by email.

Handling of Reports and Investigations

    Our Company will maintain the confidentiality of all reports to the greatest extent possible. All reports will be investigated promptly and appropriately. Anyone accused of wrongdoing will have the right to access the information reported and to make corrections in the event of an error.

Disciplinary Action

    This Code is an integral part of our employment with the Company. Where a person fails to comply with the Code, or with the laws, regulations and policies referred to in this Code (whether directly or indirectly), the Company may initiate an investigation. This may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination in a manner consistent with Company policy and applicable law. Where the investigation identifies criminal activity, the Company reserves the right to contact the relevant authorities and assist them with their investigation.